Senior Adults


Mission Statement
The mission of the  South Tulsa Baptist Church Senior Adult Ministry consists of five primary purposes.

We will lead people to trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and encourage them to become members of our local fellowship of believers. We will also lead out in every area of ministry so the gospel will be given to all those the Lord impresses on us.

We will involve members and non-members in the many ministries of STBC.

We will give of our time, talents, energy and finances in serving and glorifying our Savior and Lord.

We will help those around us who have spiritual and/or physical needs.

We will train and equip our members in serving the Lord and ministering to others.

Senior Adult Monthly Lunch

Come join us for a delicious lunch, fun fellowship, and a special message from Jerry Don Abernathy as he walks us thru the Bible with a Panoramic view.. First Tuesday of every month from 1130 to 1 PM in Fellowship Hall. In the September meeting, we will have a free eye clinic for our Seniors from Triad Eye starting at 10 am. Here is a couple things relating to the clinic-
Sunday Bible Study
Exciting new Bible Study viewable online - LIVE at 940 Sunday mornings. Join us by clicking this image-

Married Adult I Bible Group (Recommended age 63-70) Class Leader, Cliff Richard,  This class uses LifeWay’s  “Explore the Bible” If you are looking for serious Bible study and wonderful ministry you will enjoy this group. They are involved in ministry in the hospitals and in homes.  They succeed at small group fellowships are well as fellowship groups for men and women. 

Married Adult II Bible Group (Recommended age 71-76) Class Leaders, Frank Green and Wally Creach, This Bible group is studying LifeWay’s  Bible Study for Life, Life Ventures for Retired Adults.  This group works at the Ministry Center on a monthly basis. They are involved in the connect groups so they do life together.  They are also involved in ministry at Evergreen Center in Owasso. This is a center at the Baptist Village.

Married Adult III Bible Group (Recommended age - Upper 60's to Upper 70's) Class Leader, Bob Cossman, One of the newer classes in the Senior Adult area is the Seasoned Saints. This class of coed Seniors study Lifeway's materials from the Explore the Bible series, which covers alternate Old and NewTestament books quarterly. They enjoy fellowship and participate in several mission projects with other adult classes and are represented at the Ministry Center, Day Spring Villa and the Good Samaritan HealthClinic. 

Married Adult IV Bible Group (Recommended age 81-above) Class Leader, Lawrence Erwin,  Words cannot express the faithfulness of this Bible group.  They study the Bible through the use of LifeWay material.  If you are looking for love and understanding of life this group is for you.  They really do demonstrate what it means to walk with the Lord.