Parents of Students

At South Tulsa Baptist Church you can find a very unique small group Bible study system. Some of our Adult Bible Study small groups are organized by the age of your children. If you are an individual with children in the early elementary years there is a class for you. If you have children in the older elementary years through the Middle School years there is a place just for you. This is also true if you have children in High School or even through college age. This allows adults with common interests to be in Bible Study together.

All of these small groups meet on Sunday morning at 9:40. If you are interested come to the Welcome Center and they will help you find your place.

Median Married Adult I Division : Married couples with older elementary children through early high school.

Class Leaders; Paul & April Margwarth,  This group studies various topics related to the Bible.  There are several teachers you will enjoy.  This is a group that enjoys great times of fellowship and ministry. You will immediately feel at home with this Bible study group.

Class Leader; Rick Ketchum, This group studies “Master Work”, published by LifeWay.  You will enjoy the systematic study of the Bible each week.  The Ketchum class is seriously committed to the Bible and growing in their relationship with each other.

Class Leader; David Lee, This Bible group is studying the Through the Bible material.  Many of their members are involved in ministry projects. If you are looking for a class where discussion happens you will be thrilled with this group.

Class Leader; This group is for Parents with Teenagers. Students and interested Parents will gather in the youth room at 9:40 for fellowship and announcements, then students will go to small groups while the parents stay in the youth room.  Brian, along with other parents, will teach Parents (on their level) the same material as their students.  What a great tool to open doors for Parents to be involved spiritually with their kids and grow spiritually themselves! Our teens are about to launch into life and they need to be prepared…and the church alone can’t do it.  That’s why God has given the primary role in faith building to parents.  This class will encourage and equip parents to be the spiritual hero’s to their kids.  Give it a try! (VIDEO - click here)