SINGLES - Are you single, single again, or even single through life experience. This group will meet your Bible study needs.  Age does not  matter.  It is life experience that connects this group.  You will find the leaders of this Bible study group very understanding and accepting.  This is an active group with a great heart for Single Adults.  The heart of this class is to study the scripture in order to  meet your spiritual needs. Come join as we are Connecting Singles in Tulsa!

Singles at STBC put a high priority on spiritual growth, fellowship with others, and discipleship.

THREADS - We have added a new class to the “Single Adult” ministry of our church. The class is called THE THREADS CLASS.  If you have finished college or are you are already in your career this Bible study group is for you.  This is a group of young single adults who are connected through Bible study and common experiences.  There are two classes based on age, 22-34 singles and 35 and up singles. You will enjoy the Biblical solutions to life that are offered in this class.

This class is taught by Mark Romoser (22-34) and Stephen Griffin(35 & up). Other class leaders will be Kari Romoser.  These classes are for young single adults who are out of college or are past college age and are into their careers. The classes will meet upstairs over Fellowship Hall in ROOM C- 241B.  If you are one who would fit in one of these classes or you know of others who would fit be sure to invite them and then be in Threads  at 9:30 a.m. Click here to contact Mark Romoser.