For a child’s first experiences at church to be happy and meaningful, the major responsibility is in the hands of his parents.

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1.  Clothing Hints

All personal items including clothing in a diaper bag must be labeled with the child’s full name. Also, include a plastic bag for wet or soiled clothing. Please include an extra change of clothing. Sweaters, jackets, hats, purses and bags should be labeled with child’s name. We suggest that preschoolers be dressed in comfortable, loose-fitting, machine-washable clothing that will not restrict free movement. Preschoolers undergoing toilet training need to bring extra changes of clothing in a labeled bag. Their clothing should be easy to take off and on. Preschoolers are usually involved in art activities each session. Smocks are worn to protect clothing; however, accidents with tempra paint could occur.

 2.   Child's First Time

A child’s adjustment to church is much more difficult after seven months of age, so we recommend bringing the child to church early and regularly. However, we do not recommend bringing newborns until they are four weeks old. If a child has a problem at church, it is better to discuss this with his teachers at a time other than just before or after class. Never discuss a child’s problem in his presence. Family worship can include even your baby. Children two and three years old should be encouraged to participate. Become familiar with the Preschool Policies, and cooperate in every way possible. We are eager for your child to have happy experiences at church. At the classroom door, it is better if you do not "slip" away from your child. Tell him in a kind, firm voice that you are going but will be back to get him soon. Then, leave immediately. If your child becomes upset, the teacher will help your child become involved in an activity or the teacher will come for you. It is better if you do not “look in” on him between Sunday School and the Worship Service. Better to ask the Minister to Families with Preschoolers or the hostess on duty to "look in." You can also look at the monitors in the Preschool Welcome center. That way your child does not see you and get upset when you are not ready to pick him up. Abstract terms such as “God’s House”, “Holy Spirit”, etc. are difficult for children to comprehend. They are unable to distinguish between Sunday School and Wednesday night church, the time is considered “church” to them. Begin talking to your child positively during the week about going to church. Use the child’s teachers’ names and other friends in his class frequently when talking about happy times at church. It is best for one parent to bring the child to his room and leave him at the door. Please, don’t enter the room. As your child begins to walk, allow him to walk into his room. This builds confidence and independence. Don’t be surprised if your child’s nap and feeding schedule become altered while he is at church. He may get so involved and excited that he finds there is too much fun to go to sleep!

3.  Parents Please take note…

Infants will be fed formula, milk, juice or water as provided in a bottle. Parents should label bottles with the child’s name, contents, and time to be given. (Example: John Smith-Apple Juice-at 10:00 a.m.) Preschoolers age one and older are served a snack of water and crackers. A nursing room is provided for nursing mothers.