ELP (Early Learning Program)
Carolyn Gates, ELP Director


Established in January of 1983, Early Learning Program is one of the premier weekday programs in the South Tulsa area. With a staff of 32, a maximum of 155 students have the opportunity for social, emotional and academic development within a strong Christian environment. Specialty classes of Bible Story, Music, Motor Room and Chapel provide for additional Biblical and Christian foundational training. Thirteen classes divide the children into age appropriate groups taught by two teachers, many of whom are early childhood and/or elementary certified. Class ratios range from 1:3 in one-year-old classes up to 1:7.5 in the PreK5. Tuition rates vary according to age and class size. Contact Carolyn Gates, ELP Director, at 918-299-0900 for more information.

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The dedication of the South Tulsa Baptist First Steps Preschool Ministry is to serve the needs of preschoolers and their families.  You will find the STBC Early Learning Program will be a tremendous blessing to your family as your children engage in multi-sensory learning activities, enriching social experiences, foundational educational preparation, and a spiritual foundation.  It will be our joy serving you and your preschoolers through the STBC Early Learning Program. Check out a quick video of our program

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Ages Served

Operating Days/Schedule

Lunches & Snacks

Special Activities


Still have questions contact Carolyn Gates by clicking here for e-mail or call Carolyn at 918-299-0900.

 Ages Served

Children 12 months (by September 1 of each school year) through pre-Kindergarten five-year-olds may attend. Two or three classes of 2s, 3s, and 4s are provided.  Children are divided by age and development. The 5-year-old class is excellent for children who miss the kindergarten cut off date and /or are just not ready for kindergarten.  We do ask that children entering the three-year-old program be potty trained.

  Operating Days/Schedule

ELP classes begin the end of August and close in mid-May.  Classes meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. We also have optional classes on Fridays.

  Special Activities

Throughout the year, we have some special activities at ELP.  Beginning with our Daddy Date night and costume parade in October, a pow-wow in November and Christmas praise in December, many opportunities are available for parents to join in on our fun.  In the spring semester, we have a fun day, visits from some community helpers, and a school-wide slumber party.  To end the year, many of the classes have a Mother's Day Tea and Spring Sing. Our final fun day is a water play day the last week of school.

 Lunch & Snacks

Children bring their own lunches, including a drink, to school.  "Finger-type" foods are encouraged; soft drinks are discouraged.  Lunches cannot be warmed up.  Simple snacks such as graham crackers will be served at appropriate snack times.  Water will be served at snack time.