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Deacons - Our Deacon Ministers at South Tulsa Baptist lead the way in serving our church. Deacons are elected by our church and serve three year terms. Each Deacon serves on a Ministry Team to serve our Church. Ministry Teams include Baptism Ministry Team, Lord's Supper Ministry Team, Benevolence Team, Ministry Center Team, Hospital Visitation Ministry Team, Bereavement Ministry Team, New Member Ministry Team, Widow Ministry Team, Wednesday Night Supper Team, Prayer Ministry Team, and Sunday Contact Ministry Team. Please click here to reference our Deacon Ministry information.

SiSS - Our ladies at South Tulsa serve our Lord by participating in our Sisters in Spirit and Service Ministry. Please click here to reference our SiSS Ministry. Click here to get involved in our SiSS Ministry.

Stephen Ministry - Stephen Ministers provide high-quality, confidential, Christ-centered care and support to people experiencing grief, divorce, cancer, job loss, loneliness, disability, relocation, and other life difficulties. Several of our members serve our Lord and church through our Stephen Ministry. Please click here to reference our Stephen Ministry. Click here for our Stephen Minister Ministry Guide.

Committees - Many members of South Tulsa Baptist serve our Lord through ministering through a committee. Click here to review our various committees and their descriptions and purposes. E-mail Dave to express your interest in serving on one of these committees.

Bus Ministry - We have a new mini-bus and our Transportation Committee is starting a Bus Ministry for local Senior Adult facilities within 5 miles of our church. We are coordinating with several facilities who have expressed  interest. We need your help in two areas-
1. If you have friends or family in a local facility that would be interested in joining us for Bible Study and Worship on Sunday mornings, we would like to make sure we are in contact with that facility's administration.
2. If you are interested in participating in this ministry either as a driver or host/hostess on the bus, we would like to know of your interest in this ministry. We are considering Commercial Driver License training for those interested.
If you can help in either of these areas, please contact Denice Kester, Transportation Committee chairman, or Dave Bender in the church office.

Ministry Center - In addition to above areas of service, South Tulsa Baptist members join other members of Tulsa churches in serving at the Ministry Center at the Alan Davis building. Click here to reference this ministry. E-mail Alice if you are interested in serving at the Ministry Center.

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