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Sunday Bible Study Material


At South Tulsa Baptist, we are connecting to God and one another to change the world. Our main organization to achieve these connections is our Bible Study departments for all ages from birth to senior adults. We have excellent Bible Study teachers who diligently prepare each week to share God's Word through effective Bible Study at 9:40 on Sunday morning. We have classes for-

Many of our adult departments have connect groups which meet monthly to get to know a smaller group in your Bible Study department better. Come by our Welcome Center in our Atrium to find the perfect Bible Study department for you and your household to connect to God and one another to change the world.

LIVE Bible Study at 940 AM Sunday mornings

Click on image to join Kingdom Builder (Explore the Bible) class at STBC-


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 Online Sunday Bible Study Material

Adult Connect > 1 Bible Study - Fall 2016 (Password - Church WiFi Code)

Youth Sunday Bible Study - Fall 2016 - Bible Studies for Life (Password - Youth Ministry Theme)

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