A life that reveals God

There is no doubt that the world needs to hear about the Good News of Jesus Christ! There is no hope outside of Him for the salvation of sinners. But how are they to hear about Jesus? STBC is about “Connecting to God and one another to change the world”. The question is, how are we to connecting others to God? Do your beliefs and practices display the grace and love of Christ to the point that the people around you smell “the fragrance of the knowledge of Him”? (2 Corinthians 2:14-16) David Platt talks about the idea of “weaving threads of the Gospel” in our everyday conversations. The thought is that we should weave “tantalizing pieces” of our faith into everyday conversations. In turn, as we live faithfully, talking and living out our faith, a tapestry begins to take shape, and those that we have been talking to and living around see Jesus when they step back and view this beautiful “tapestry of the Gospel”. Do you leave that lasting impression that there is something more to life than the normal routine?

A documentary film was released this last week by Focus on the Family (click here for the trailer for the Drop Box) about a pastor in South Korea that is making not just his city take notice, but the whole world. Pastor Lee is living the love of Christ by rescuing abandoned babies. And by doing so, all that see him smell “the fragrance of the knowledge” of Christ. Philip Yancy on commenting on “The Drop Box” documentary equates what pastor Lee is doing with how the first century church lived there lives. He states, “When Romans abandoned their unwanted babies, Christians organized platoons of wet nurses to keep them alive for adoption by church families. Risking their own lives, they stayed behind to “care for” plague victims whose families had fled. They lived out a new standard of sexual purity. After a while, Romans were impressed by the differences: The Christians’ beliefs and practices truly seemed like Good News.”

This should remind us of two things. First, our beliefs change who we are and how we live, and second when we live in accordance with our beliefs people see the difference in our life and wonder where the difference comes from. This is an amazing reminder to all of us, that if we are to connect people to God we must live in such a way that our “beliefs and practices truly seem like Good News.” This type of living is not about having people think of us in a good light. Rather, and more importantly, it is about people seeing the Savior that “created us for good works.” (Ephesians 2:10) The best way for us to connect others to God is to make sure that we ourselves are connected to God, and then live in such a way that proves it! This week seek to “weave threads of the gospel”, and live a life that makes them want to know more!



Dru Finley