Liberty’s defender


“Cover them with beautiful flowers, deck them with garlands these brothers of ours, lying so silent by night and by day.” Those were the words of poet Will Carleton speaking of the Civil War dead. Memorial Day is more than a national holiday, it is a sacred observance. As a nation we must be reminded again and again that our freedom was bought with a price. Throughout the history of this republic, soldiers, sailors and airmen have given their lives for the sacred cause of liberty. The honored dead lay in cemeteries all over the nation and scattered around the world. Even now freedom is defended at great cost. The story of American freedom is the story of noble and sacrificial service. On Memorial Day we honor all those who have given their lives for this nation and its ideals–and we pray for those who serve even now.” (Albert Mohler)

Memorial day is more than having a day off to spend with family at a picnic, it is a time of remembrance. It is a somber reality to understand what was given in order for us all to experience the freedom we have. We must understand the great cost that was given in order for our nation and us personally to have our freedom. We must never lose sight of this. We all have the great joy of freedom because of those who have lost their lives in service to their country. We must remember the fallen and know that they gave their life for liberty.

Knowing this great cost, it is hard not to see the picture of the liberty that we have in Christ. He gave His perfect life for the lives of the underserving, in order to give them the greatest liberty of all. He paid the ultimate price of innocent Holy blood that we might have our sinful hearts beat for the first time. Just as we as a nation must be reminded that our freedom was bought with a price, we must remember that our very life was bought with the greatest price, that of the spotless lamb of God. We know that He died for our liberty, but the greatest news is that’s not the end of the story. Though He died His body does not remain in the grave! And because He has risen we know that our liberty is sure and our hope is secure! So, make this Memorial day a sacred observance of the freedom you have by the lives given to ensure it. This Memorial day make sure to remember and honor the fallen many, and worship the risen One!