Peace in the midst of the storm

Oklahoma is headed into the exciting Spring storm season. Anyone from Oklahoma knows just what that means. Anyone who saw what happened Wednesday night knows just what that means. It is natural to look at the storms that we see waging outside and feel nervous. Many people hear the word tornado and become frightened at the thought, and rightfully so. Tornados can, and do, cause horrific damage.

The disciples experienced a storm that caused great fear in their hearts. They were sailing across the sea when a storm hit. Remember, these guys were experienced fishermen who were on the sea often. They would have experienced many storms in their occupation, but this was a storm that was so severe that it caused them to be extremely afraid. The thing that is so amazing about this story in Mark 4, is that Jesus is asleep through it all. What caused the disciples to be afraid didn’t even faze Jesus. The disciples thinking that they are going to die, went to wake Jesus for help. They did the best thing possible, they went to the one who had the power to calm the storm. The best part of this story is when Jesus stands in the boat and says to the wind and storm, “Peace! Be still”. Can you imagine?! Jesus speaks and the storm obeys! That shows us the great power that Jesus has, and who He is as God! He has the power to calm any storm.

We should remember, that for us that storm may not be something in nature but something going on in our lives. If Jesus is God, and He has the ability to control the weather, you can rest assured that He has the ability to calm the storms of your life, even if that means giving you peace in the midst of calamity around you. Realizing that Jesus is God we should remember that when we are shaken by the storms of our life, they do not shake Jesus! He is the firm foundation by which we can place our life on. Because He is the firm foundation, we should do all that we can to build our lives on Him.

The Christian’s natural response in the storms of life should be to run to the only One who can calm the storm! We have that connection, we have that ability, we have that relationship with our Father who is the One who can calm any storm in our life. But, if for some reason He doesn’t calm the storm, just know that He can shield us from it when we are close to Him. Sometimes it is not a matter of removing the storm, but bringing peace to our hearts so that we can see Him more clearly as He carries us through the storm. Jesus can and often says, “Peace! Be still” to the storms in our life, but sometimes He says it to our hearts.



Dru Finley