I Love the Church

Monday, August 25, 2014

I have been a pastor for nearly 45 years. As many of you know I am transitioning out of being the Pastor of The South Tulsa Baptist Church to leading Equipped By His Word. Some would say I am retiring but that is not true. I am retiring from being a pastor but I am not retiring from the ministry God called me to over 45 years ago. In fact as a result of making all of the plans to lead Equipped By His Word ministries I am discovering so much about myself. I am very excited about leading this ministry. It thrills me to think about ministering to pastors and churches on a new level.

But let me tell you something I have learned in a new and fresh way. I have learned that "I Love The Church," of the Lord Jesus Christ. I really mean that, I Love The Church! And it does not matter whether the church meets in a small building as a part of a rural community or the church meets in a city with a large and well equipped building. I really do not care if the church sings choruses or hymns. It has no effect on me if the church uses the newest technology or no technology at all. I am happy with the church if it is meeting in the finest building with a coffee shop or if it is meeting under a tree in Guatemala on a coffee plantation. I do not care if the pastor is hip or uncool. (If uncool is a word). I do not care if the pastor uses notes or preaches from his ipad. I am unconcerned if he wears a suit and tie or if he wears jeans. I can worship with children in a worship service or with children in "children's church". By the way over the years I have seen a lot of 40 and 50 year old children in many services. Maybe we should have "children's church" for imature believers in Christ. Just saying. Now back to my main thoughts.

I simply express all of the above to say, "I love the church." The church is not the way we express worship or experience worship. The church is the people of God. The people of God come in all sizes and in all personalities. And I love the people of God.

If only makes sense to me for Christians to love the people of God. Because we all have the same Father. If you love the Father you love His children. It is as simple as that.

Do you love the church? Do you demonstrate that with your faithfulness to the church? Are you involved in the church? Once in a while I will meet someone who gives me all the excuses for not being faithful to the church. Remember I have been in ministry for 45 years. So there are no new excuses. Just the same old stuff. But it is amazing how all the reasons not to be faithful to the church melt away when we really love the church.

I am telling you, "I love the church". I pray you do as well.


Pastor Ted
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