Apologetics 105

There are so many things in your life that you would be willing to defend. It’s obvious that any one of us would defend our family if there was a threat. Our nation is full of people that are willing to defend this country from whatever perils lie without or within. It is in our nature to protect, to fight, to stand for what is true. Granted, there are many that are not willing to stand for anything, but on the other hand there are many that would give their life to defend what is right and true.

There is nothing more right and true than God, His word, and the Gospel! It is His truth that we must stand and defend at all costs! 1 Peter 3:15 reminds us, “ but in your hearts honor Christ the Lord as holy, always being prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you”. The imperative for us is to “honor the Lord as holy”. This means that we set Him above all things in our lives! There must be nothing that rivals Christ in our lives. He should be preeminent! Through this process of honoring Him we must remember that we are to prepare ourselves to make a defense of our hope and His truth. It is true that there must be a hope that is visible for others to see in order to be defended, but as we are living that hope we must be prepared to defend it. This is where Apologetics comes in.

Apologetics comes from the greek word “apologia”, which means “to make a verbal defense”. Therefore, Christian Apologetics is about answering any and all critics who oppose or question the revelation of God in Christ Jesus. And, there are many questions and critics in our world. So it is the responsibility of each Christian to know what they believe and why. It is also the responsibility of every Christian to be able to answer tough questions.

Answering these questions can be difficult, that’s why through our Discipleship University we are providing Apologetics 105, 5 sessions that deal with relevant issues in our culture today. Beginning August 9, we have an incredible line up of speakers that will help you learn to answer tough questions. These sessions will include well renown experts in their area that will be in our church to educate us on these issues, and how we can be involved in defending truth. Our guest speakers include: Dr. Everett Piper - Christianity and culture; John Michener - Pro-Life Christianity: Become an Ambassador for Life; Dr. Mark Christian (former Muslim) - Islam and the Christian response; Judge Phil Ginn - The Gay Agenda and the Loss of Religious Freedom; Dr. Kevin Clarkson - Biblical Principles for Government.

I invite you to join us Sunday evenings beginning August 9 at 5:30 pm in our church auditorium to come and hear how you can answer hard questions and defend the truth.



Dru Finley