In 1987 a band named R.E.M. released a song titled, “It’s the end of the World” (as we know it), and I would not be surprised if many people in churches around this nation have had this thought in light of our current times. But, it’s not the end of the world. The world is not over. Things may look a little different from our vantage point, but the world is far from over. Last week the Supreme court made a ruling on gay marriage which didn’t surprise many of us, but just because we are not surprised does not mean that we are not appalled. “The Supreme Court’s decision… is a central assault upon marriage as the conjugal union of a man and a woman and in a five to four decision the nation’s highest court has now imposed its mandate redefining marriage on all fifty states.” (Albert Mohler) We have seen a culture shift take place before our eyes, and it’s not an easy thing to watch. We must remember not to give in merely to looking around us only seeing from our limited human vantage point. We must look up to the almighty God, and see from His vantage point knowing He is in control!

One thing we know is that God is still on His throne! As a matter of fact, He is not even shaken by this event! He knew that it was coming, He even knew the exact time and date that it would happen. “The Supreme Court can do many things, but the Supreme Court cannot get Jesus back in that tomb. Jesus of Nazareth is still alive. He is still calling the universe toward his kingdom.” (Russell Moore) And, because of this we know that we serve a God that is bigger than our culture! So, we must not let this shake us, because our foundation is not in the culture or even the country around us, our foundation is the Creator God who is sovereign over all things! Therefore Christian, don’t panic, Jesus is alive and He is our confidence! Also, realize that the gospel is still good news! And in the midst of all that we are seeing realize that the world still needs our gospel!

“In one sense, everything has changed. And yet, nothing has changed. The cultural and legal landscape has changed, as we believe this will lead to very real harms to our neighbors. But our Christian responsibility has not changed. We are charged to uphold marriage as the union of a man and a woman and to speak the truth in love. We are also commanded to uphold the truth about marriage in our own lives, in our own marriages, in our own families, and in our own churches.”

“We are called to be the people of the truth, even when the truth is not popular and even when the truth is denied by the culture around us.  Christians have found themselves in this position before, and we will again. God’s truth has not changed. The Holy Scriptures have not changed. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has not changed. The church’s mission has not changed. Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever.” (Albert Mohler) Therefore Christian, take heart, be bold, because our God is alive and He is calling for you to live for Him in the midst of this culture!

By the way, the end of that R.E.M. chorus says, “It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.” How true that is for the Christian that puts their hope in God!

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Dru Finley