How is Your Christianity Working for You?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Are you a pleasant person? Are you an individual who would be described as a "joy to be around"? Are you the person others want to see and be with? Is your personality one of joy and gladness? Do others see you as a person who is patient and caring in the midst of struggles? Do you complain? Or are you the one who never complains about your own situation and is always willing to help others who seem to be complaining? Would you be described as a person who loves others?

Look closely at all of these questions. I have just asked you if you live the Christian life. First of all you cannot live the Christian life unless you are a Christian. But I meet a lot of people who tell me they are Christians. And yet the life they live is not Christian at all.

So how is your brand of Christianity working for you. After all, didn't Jesus say that He came to give us life and that the life He gives us is abundant. The word abundant means to be overflowing with joy and peace. The abundant life is a life of living above the circumstances. The abundant life is the life that indicates we understand Jesus is in control. Abundant living is a life of joy, love, peace and contentment. Abundant living is not complaining, grumbling and expressing words of discord. 

If you truly are a believer in Jesus Christ He lives in you. In fact the Bible says as a Christian we have the mind of Christ. The mind is what controls our attitude, personality and how we live life. So if you really are a Christian your life will show it.

I would simply ask you, are you a Christian? If so, what does your life say about Christianity? Would anyone else what you have as far as your Christian life is concerned? Are you a positive advertisement for Jesus? How is your Christianity working for you?


Pastor Ted
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