Don't Stop Believing


Don’t stop believing

There was a moment in every Christian’s life when something clicked. It is the day the lights came on and everything was illuminated by truth. It was the moment when the scales fell from our spiritual eyes and we saw Jesus for who He really is, both Lord and Christ! It was in that moment the Spirit allowed us to hear and truly understand the doctrines of the person and work of Christ, and we were enabled through Him to have a Faith that would completely transform us and give us life. That is the day freedom began. That is the day when our lives where changed forever! That is a glorious day!

But, too often people stop there. Too often people see Faith as merely something we have in order to receive salvation, and nothing more. But, Paul makes clear that just “as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in Him.” (Col. 2:6) We need the Gospel everyday! Faith is not just something that gives us eternal life, rather faith is how we are to live our everyday lives! Just as we came to believe in the person and work of Christ in order to receive life, we are to live everyday in that belief. Belief is what began the journey, and belief is the very thing that guides us throughout that journey!

So, don’t stop believing. Don’t stop thinking about the day of salvation and the Savior who gave you life! That day was not the end, but the beginning of life! Therefore, “Let Christ—and no other! for he is Lord—establish your values, guide your thinking, direct your conduct.” (Douglas J. Moo) It is that continual belief that is meant to be the catalyst for a transformed life! Therefore, don’t stop believing!