The First Step in Sharing the Gospel

Thursday, September 11, 2014

If you are a Christian I believe it is in your heart to share the gospel with others. To be honest I personally doubt that one can be a Christian and not desire to tell others about how to have this wonderful gift of eternal life. After all according to the scripture a Christian has the mind of Christ. Could it be that one would have the mind of Christ and not want to share the saving truth about Christ. I doubt it. Again, I believe ever true believer in Christ wants others to know our Lord.

But what is the first step in telling people about Jesus? It seems to me that the very first step in sharing Christ is getting to know people who are not Christians. How many unsaved people do you really know? Now let's not cop out by saying, "Oh I know a lot of lost people." Do you really? Could you write down the names of five people you know who in reality do not have a personal relationship with Jesus? And if you can write down those five names do you have a relationship with those people. Do you "hang out" with them? Do they consider you a friend?

Jesus was characterized by being a friend of sinners. In fact one of the things for which He was criticized was that He ate with sinners. When was the last time you had a meal with a person who did not know Christ?

I am convinced one of the reason we do not do a very good job with evangelism is because we do not know lost people. The first step in sharing the gospel is for us to get acquainted with people who need a relationship with Christ. And for that to happen we will have to be intentional. We will need to intentionally meet people who need Christ. We will need to develop a friendship with lost people.

Today would be a great day to begin to look for people in your normal patters of life who do not know Christ. Develop a relationship with those people and begin to cultivate the opportunity to tell them how to know Christ. This really is the first step.


Pastor Ted
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