Weekly Programs 

Sunday Morning
~ Sunday Bible Study (9:30-10:30am) [youth room / class rooms]
Students and interested parents meet together for fellowship & announcements. Then students go to small groups (by grade/gender) while parents are taught by the youth pastor the same material keeping parents involved in their students spiritual life.  For more info about what we teach visit www.lifeway.com/known

Students and interested Parents will gather in the youth room at 9:30 for fellowship and announcements, then students will go to small groups while the parents stay in the youth room. 
Brian, along with other parents, will teach Parents (on their level) the same material as their students .  What a great tool to open doors for Parents to be involved spiritually with their kids and grow spiritually themselves! Our teens are about to launch into life and they need to be prepared…and the church alone can’t do it.  That’s why God has given the primary role in faith building to parents.  This class will encourage and equip parents to be the spiritual hero’s to their kids.  Give it a try! (VIDEO of Opening Day - click here)

Sunday Night
~ Student Bible Study (6:00-7:00pm) [youth room]
The teaching and format for Sunday nights is always new and fresh.  We’ve had Guys and Girls ministry Bible studies, studies on apologetics and evangelism, and  just plain old fun!  We also take part in church wide events when they come during this time. If you’re looking to connect relationally in a smaller group environment, Sunday nights are for you! 

Monday Night (Every other week)
~ Guys and Girls Ministry (7:00-9:00pm) [youth room and senior room]
This night is the perfect place for guys to be guys and girls to be girls!  You’ll be fed spiritually, encouraged, and be prayed for! We spend part of out time doing different studies, other parts in discussion and in the word, and other parts just hanging out. This is a great time to bring friends! 

Tuesday Night
GROW (6:15 to 8:00pm)
Students are asked to commit just one evening each month to outreach. There are several avenues of outreach from which students can choose such as letter writing, phone calling, and visiting.  

Wednesday Night
Youth Choir at 5:30 to 6:10pm [choir room]
Youth Worship from 6:15 to 7:15pm [youth room]
This is a large group fellowship that offers truth to everyday real life issues. The atmosphere,  live band,  videos, games, and  unique teaching make this one of the most exciting nights of the week.