Adoption Ministry

The need - An estimated 153 million orphans world-wide are trapped in a cycle of hopelessness, needing love, care and protection. Adoption costs of $20-30K seem “financially impossible” to many Christian families. This can result in orphans missing out on Christ honoring forever families.
The role of the Church - God expects His people (the Church) to care for those in need. We believe that God wants to use His church as a part of the financial provision for adoption.
Are you adopting?  Click here for the application for the adoption fund.

Questions - contact Debbie Steen

Our South Tulsa Baptist Church Adoption Fund is a practical way to:
Meet needs - Orphans find homes, families are assisted and churches become more active in orphan care and adoption.
Share Jesus - Adoption provides us with an opportunity to share the Gospel and point people to Jesus.
Encourage others - Our adoption fund allows us to put our faith into action, to build relationships and to support others.
Do Justice - We are called to seek justice for the oppressed, to lift up the downtrodden and to speak up for the forgotten.
Live out Loud - As the church is active, the community will see that Jesus is alive and working in His people (Matt 5:16).

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Click here to view a video describing our South Tulsa Baptist Adoption Fund - administered with Lifesong

Click here to view Lifesong website for Adoption Funding.