September 22, 2014
CHILDREN'S CHOIR and GA's and RA's - Wednesday
  • Children's Choir  5:30 - 6:25
  • This Wednesday  is Crazy Choir Daze - wear sportwear to choir
  • GA's and RA's (Missions for Children)  6:30 - 7:15

Thank you for continuing this journey of The Gospel Project for Kids.  Sunday's Bible story focused on Jesus' baptism by John.  John the Baptist grew up in the wilderness.  John's ministry began when God's word came to him, and he began preaching near the Jordan River. John got people ready for Jesus' ministry, fulfilling the Old Testament prophecy, "A voice of one crying out: Prepare the way of the Lord in the wilderness; (Isa. 40:3).  John called the people to repent of their sins, and he baptized them in the Jordan River.

Jesus came from Galilee to be baptized by John in the Jordan River.  Wait a second.  John was calling people to a baptism of repentance.  Sinners need repentance, but Jesus never sinned.  So why did Jesus come to be baptized?  John was right when he said, "I need to be baptized by you, and yet You come to me?"  Jesus answered John, "Allow it for now, because this is the way for us to fulfill all righteousness"  (Matt. 3:15).  Jesus never sinned, but He was baptized like sinners are baptized.  Baptism reminds us of Jesus' death and resurrection.  It reminds us that when we trust in Jesus, we turn from sin and start a new life - a life lived for Jesus.

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