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Welcome to First Steps Preschool Ministry at South Tulsa Baptist Church. The First Steps leadership joins me in desiring to help you and your family have happy Christian experiences through the many opportunities offered at South Tulsa Baptist Church.


We firmly believe the first five years of life are unparalleled in importance in building character, love, and a positive response to Christ and the church. We want your child’s time at church to be happy, well directed, and profitable. Your child is very important to us and we have sought to provide Christian education and care utilizing trained leaders, clean and safe surroundings, and a well-balanced curriculum designed to meet the needs of preschoolers.


It is a privilege for us to serve you and to work with you in the spiritual training of your child.  It is our desire to provide excellent learning experiences for your child each time he comes to church.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact us.



Debbie Steen,

Minister to Families with Preschoolers


Purposes of the Preschool Ministry

To help each child…

  • feel comfortable and happy, loved and wanted, and that “I am special”;

  • grow in his independence by beginning to meet and solve his own problems; to make progress in sharing and taking turns;

  • feel secure with adults, with other children, and in a variety of situations;

  • begin to show love, respect, and acceptance for others;

  • have positive feelings about people and things associated with God;

  • understand that Jesus was born, grew, and belonged to a family;

  • know that the Bible is a special book that tells about God and Jesus;

  • to have positive feelings about church.

  • To allow the Holy Spirit to work through us in order that all preschoolers may be raised in Christian homes.

  • To encourage the active participation of parents in worship, Bible study, visitation, and fellowship.

  • To encourage the growth of each child spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and socially.

  • To provide a safe, clean, and happy Christian environment for preschool age children when they are at church.