My Best for My Master II




On Sunday October 3, 2010 the people of South Tulsa Baptist Church started  giving to reduce and remove the debt from the new construction and remodel.  The program, My Best For My Master  - first phase, lasted for two years. During those two years, we gave over $710,000 which was applied directly each week to paying down the principal of our loan. With our monthly payments from our budget, we have reduced our debt from $5.4 million to under $4.3 million. The  $710,000 contributions to My Best for My Master resulted in over $1.2 million in interest savings on our debt. 

Beginning January 2013, we will begin My Best for My Master phase 2 for another 2 years. We have estimated that if we can pay off our debt in the next 3 years, we will be saving $1.77 in interest for every $1 contributed to My Best for My Master.

 We need every church member to be involved in My Best For My Master II.  You may indicate what you want to give, over and above, your regular budget giving on your offering envelope or online..  Simply indicate the amount you want to give on the "Building Fund" line.  We are asking every church member to give the best they can for the Master.  This is another step in our journey together.  Let's all be involved. 

Watch the Channel for updates on My Best For My Master.